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"If you are looking for a christmas pudding with luxury flavours, this will be one of the finest you'll ever taste."

 lady_di_foodie (blogger)



Luxury Christmas Puddings


Luxury Christmas puddings handmade in Pembrokeshire.  I am Rebecca, the face behind Woodsend Christmas Puddings. For many years I have made Christmas puddings using Granny's special welsh recipe, which I have modified over time for family and friends. Wanting a new challenge and being passionate about high quality foods, I decided to make a few more than usual and sell them at the local Christmas fairs.  What I thought was a huge number, sold out in the first few hours, followed by a cascade of emails and calls asking for more.  Filled with excitement, I have ventured into “kitchen production” of Christmas puddings, based upon our family recipe, all handmade using the finest ingredients, here on my farm in Pembroke.



Woodsend Christmas puddings contain only the finest quality vine fruits, producing a light pudding, rich in flavour and soft in texture.


My puddings are soaked in aged French brandy and contain homegrown Bramley apples, local carrots and the juice of real oranges and lemons.


These are individually handmade puddings, allowed to mature slowly, making for a truly luxurious and distinctive flavour.  Each pudding is individually packed and wrapped.



"Absolutely superb. A great product of which you should be very proud."

P. Whitelaw


About Woodsend Puddings


I am Rebecca and I make Christmas puddings, based upon our family recipe, handmade with the finest ingredients, here on my farm in Pembroke.

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